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Divine Mercy Sunday

Pastor’s Reflection for Divine Mercy Sunday ~ The former Holy Father, Pope St John Paul II, remarked: “It would be an  illusion to want to become holy without approaching with        frequency and fervor this sacrament [Confession] of conversion and sanctification.” He went on to say, “We will never be holy enough not to need this sacramental purification. A humble     confession, carried out with love, induces an increasingly delicate purity in the service of God.” This week’s Gospel passage is the one where Our Savior, on the night of His Resurrection, personally establishes the sacrament of Confession (cf. Jn 20:19-23). You’ll notice that it is to His Apostles ALONE that He gives the ability to absolve sins. If any Christian—Catholic or non-Catholic—denies the EXISTENCE of the sacrament of  Confession or if he denies the NEED of the sacrament of Confession, he is denying SCRIPTURE ITSELF! Additionally, he is denying the very mercy of Christ Himself, since this is the primary way Jesus Christ means for us to receive His mercy (after one’s Baptism, of course). Let us reflect upon our frequent need of the sacrament of Confession as well as the great gift of mercy it is. Additionally, consider attending the Divine MercySunday devotions we have here this Sunday at St Louis. 

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