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Farewell and Thank you

Farewell & God's Blessings to You ~ I would like to express my appreciation to you, my parishioners, for all the love and support you have given me over the 14 years I was so privileged to have served you!  It was my honor to bring Christ to you in the Sacraments and other ways during the time I've spent with you and I hope you have grown in your Catholic Christian Faith and Love.  At times I have challenged you and at times you have challenged me.  My hope is that you see this mutual challenge (of shepherd and of flock) as a means by which Christ allows all of us to grow in Faith, just as He did for His Apostles and other disciples.  It is when we are challenged (and allow ourselves to be challenged) that we will grow the most in ALL aspects of human life, but especially with that which matters the most: our Faith in Christ and our coming to realize we are trusting and humble adopted sons and daughters of the Father!  I apologize for the times I have not expressed the love and patience of Jesus to you, but please remember I and all priests are human just like you.  I wish for you to know I will remember you daily in my prayers for the remainder of my life and I hope I can rely upon your prayers for me!  "Keep the Faith and help spread it around!" ~Fr Stirniman~

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