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Honoring King St. Louis IX

King St Louis IX—Our Patron Saint’s Feast Day is celebrated this week on    August 25th. Louis IX was born in Poissy, France in 1214 to Louis VIII and Blanche of Castille. He succeeded to the throne at the age of twelve under the  regency of his mother.

On his twenty-first birthday he assumed full kingship. He  married and became the father of eleven children who received from him careful instruction for a Christian life. He excelled in penance and prayer and in his love for the poor. While ruling his kingdom he had regard not only for peace among peoples and for the temporal good of his subjects, but also for their spiritual welfare. He established the Sorbonne (1252) and the monasteries of Rayaumont, Vavert, and Maubuisson. He undertook the Crusades to recover the tomb of Christ and died near Carthage in 1270. He was canonized in 1297. It’s always important to pay tribute to one’s patron Saint . . . and we have a very  inspirational one! King St Louis IX, pray for us!

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